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TIP Domain Names will register your new domain name using our own Domain Name registration details and keep your own personal or company information private and away from prying eyes on the internet. With a TIP Domain Name linked to a TIP Hosting account you can keep your identity offline and 100% totally anonymous.

We keep you 100% anonymous because:
We never ask for any of your personal information
We never give it out to third parties
We provide offshore Whois/Registrant Details
Looking for a domain name?
Just search for your new domain name here.
Then send us a message to our dedicated and secure messaging system below advising us of your chosen domain name and hosting requirements.
Why is anonymous registration superior to a regular domain registration?
It assists in the stopping of domain-related Spam
It may deter identity theft & fraud
It will prevent harassers and stalkers
It will protect your "secret" identity
It will always maintain your privacy
It will allow you to run a home business without unwanted intervention
It removes your personal information from the Whois Database
Please note *
Our service allows you to purchase domains and hosting anonymously.
We do not allow illegal activities on our servers.
If you break our service agreement, or acceptable use policy
your services and your domains will be cancelled immediately without a refund.
Our Anonymous domain name registration service and web hosting service allows for your complete freedom and security while doing business online. TIP web hosting is a service we provide worldwide to people and businesses who need enhanced privacy.

There are many valid reasons to maintain total internet privacy.

You may wish to stop domain-related spam, deter identity theft & fraud, prevent harassers and stalkers from being effective, protect your identity when your job security is on the line, stop abusive spouses from harassing you, maintain privacy if you are a famous person and even just simply to keep your privacy when exercising your right of free speech.

We do not condone fraud, and will not protect your privacy online if you try to use our services for fraudulent purposes to commit fraud against others or commit libel online against the public or other businesses.

When using our service we expect you to maintain the law and act within the laws found in your and our jurisdiction.

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